WCT Events season 2019-2020

PAF Masters back for a third year!

The top class world tour in curling will return to Åland on 3-6 October 2019 – this time as the opening event of the season. This follows previous successful Paf Masters in 2017 and 2018. 

The world tour in curling will return to the Åland Islands in Finland on 3-6 October 2019. The Paf Masters for ladies will take place for the third consecutive year at Åland Hotels Curling Center in Eckerö – this time as the only Nordic event on the tour. The WCT tour for ladies also starts with the Åland event.

“The two previous competitions have attracted some of the world's best curling teams, including several former Olympic medalists. As the Paf Masters is the only Nordic world tour event and also starts in Åland – we are sure that we will get an equally strong starting field this time. Swedish Olympic gold medalists Anna Hasselborg's team have already received an invitation as well as the reigning Paf Masters champions led by Isabella Wranå,” says tournament director Mari Hansen.

Twelve of the world's best curling teams will compete at the Paf Masters, which previously attracted world stars from, among other countries, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Sweden and Finland. The Paf Masters will be broadcast in Finland and Switzerland.

Världstouren i curling startar på Åland – Paf Masters tillbaka för ett tredje år

Efter två lyckade Paf Masters kommer den högklassiga världstourtävlingen i curling tillbaka till Åland den 3-6 oktober 2019  – den här gången som den första tourtävlingen för säsongen.

Nu är det klart att världstouren i curling kommer tillbaka till Åland den 3-6 oktober 2019. Paf Masters för damer avgörs därmed för tredje året i rad i Åland Hotels curlingcenter i Eckerö – den här gången som den enda nordiska deltävlingen på touren. WCT-touren för damer inleds även på Åland.

– De två tidigare deltävlingarna har lockat några av världens bästa curlinglag med bland annat flera tidigare OS-medaljörer till start. I och med att Paf Masters är den enda nordiska världstourtävlingen – och även startar på Åland är vi övertygade om att vi får ett lika bra startfält den här gången. Svenska OS-guldmedaljörerna Anna Hasselborgs lag har redan fått en inbjudan liksom regerande Paf Masters-mästarna Isabella Wranå, säger turneringsgeneralen Mari Hansen.

Tolv av världens bästa curlinglag får plats i Paf Masters som tidigare lockat världsstjärnor från bland annat Kanada, Kina, Japan, Korea, Schweiz, Sverige och Finland. Paf Masters kommer att tv-sändas i bland annat Finland och Schweiz.

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Mari Hansen



Paf Mixed Double Cup Åland

A Nordic Mixed Double Curling Tour Event

1-3 March 2019

LIVESCORE AT: http://www.worldcurl.com/events.php?task=Event&view=Main&eventid=5621

Number of teams: 6 (4 qualified for semifinals)

1) Inga Norrbelius/Lars-Åke Linander, Djursholms CK (Sweden 1)

2) Ronja Nordhagen/Niclas Nordhagen, (Norway)

3) Mona Jensen/Morten Berger (Denmark)

4) Therese Westman/Robin Ahlberg (Sweden 2)

5) Ulla Österlund/Tommy Nordin, Åland curling (Aland 2)

6) Peter Lindström/Janina Lindström, Åland curling (Aland 1)

Friday March 1st


HP-sheet: Sweden 1– Aland 1 7-6 EE

Paf-sheet: Norway– Aland 2 10-1


HP: Sweden 2–Denmark 10-7

Saturday March 2nd


HP: Aland 1–Aland 2 7-2

Paf: Sweden 2–Sweden 1 8-6 EE


HP: Aland 2–Sweden 2 0-10

Paf: Denmark–Norway 8-7


HP: Aland 1–Norway 8-6

Paf: Sweden 1–Denmark 6-5


HP: Sweden 2–Norway 7-4

Paf: Aland 2–Sweden 1 4-10


HP: Norway–Sweden 1 8-5

Paf: Denmark–Aland 1 9-5

Sunday March 3rd


HP: Denmark–Aland 2 12-1

Paf: Aland 1–Sweden 2 3-8


HP: Semifinal: Aland 1–Sweden 2 0-13

Paf: Semifinal 2: Denmark–Sweden 1 7-6


HP: Bronze: Åland 1–Sweden 1 6-5

Paf: Final: Denmark–Sweden 2 2-7


Rules and Systems of play

WCF rules will be used.

In the group stage all teams will play each other (8 ends plus extra end if tied):

3 points for winning i 8 ends.

2 points for winning in an extra end.

1 point for losing in an extra end.

0 points for losing in 8 ends.

If no team scores in EE, both teams get 1 point

15 minutes before the game starts the first team (red stones) will have 5 minutes of practice followed by a Last Stone Draw (LSD) consisting of 1 stone per player, 1 clockwise and 1 counter clockwise. Winner of LSD (lowest average) decides hammer. Team practicing first plays red stones. The second team will practice immediately after the first team has finalized its LSD.

Play-offs and ranking

The four highest ranked teams will qualify for the semifinals.

Teams are ranked based on:

1) Number of points

2) Number of wins

3) Draw Shot Challenge (DSC) (counting the team’s 8 best shots from the LSD)

In the semifinals team ranked 1 will play the team ranked 4. In the playoffs the highest ranked team determines the hammer or stone color.

Other information

We take credit cards in the curling arena. Hot food food will be served Saturday and Sunday.

Prize pot: 1.000 euro (500-300-200). The best three teams will also get prizes from our sponsor Paf

Entry fee: 180 euro including ferrytransport with Eckerölinjen


IBAN: FI8555780420096290

Tour website: www.nordicmd.com

We are part of the World Curling Tour 

Accomodation: We recommended you to book accommodation at our players hotel Pommern +3581815555 or mail info@alandhotels.fi When you book accommodation please use code “curling”.

Tournament director: Thomas Jonsson, tc@aland.net, +3584575301185